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Capital gain forex loss

I maintain that Andrew Haines, as Chief Information Officer, is cash personally liable for permitting Gain programmers to alter the functionality of Gain's propriety trading platform in violation of my trading agreement with loss Gain and or lernen m that required Gain to furnish me with a wochenende more.
On Currenex One click would buy a position,liquidate the position or reverse a position.In had banner ads running on the Internet offering 1 pip spreads, no slippage, trade instant order execution at market price, commission free trading and 100 leverage.Lemon assured me that Gain would not loss hire dead any of rfco'S management team and that my account would be segregated forex and insured by the fdic for 100.000.00 which turned out to be false.The snap shot taken öffnungszeiten from the Currenex Software seconds after my attempt to liquidate clearly displayed that there was sufficient liquidity in the market had Gain and or m actually placed my trade with a Interbank member rather than a bucket that never left Gain.His scalping job reputedly required him to assist and train me to become a better trader.To this day I have broker never been able to execute a trade with a 1 pip spread.This would have given me 10 hours of support and training each week for my first 90 days.I maintain that Leif Savage is personally liable because robot he did his forex utmost to cover up Gain and or m wrongdoings. In knows that trading to a novice is mentally stressful broker and can lead to panic and poor decisions.
Gain had an obligation to declare that trading on it's platform was nothing more futures than a 50 /50 gamble.
Mark Galant CEO is guilty of violating the following NFA compliance rule,.

Pity for gain the forex poor person who died as a capital result or the Gain client who lost money.At Gain Capital forex and investieren or m through it's agents employees and wordpress solicitors emphasized that I would be trading the largest and most liquid platform in the world.When Gain chose to turn a service off or deny access loss to a service that amounted to a direct additional cost to the client who had to obtain the services from an independent vendor for a fee.If I had had the opportunity forex to evaluate this admission I definitely would never have opened an account with Gain.Gain claims the same ability but on a different platform that it has promised to deliver but never delivered.NFA compliance rule 2-36 ( B ) ( 1) and 2- 36 (C ) NO FDM OR associate OF AN FDM engaging IN ANY foreign currency futures OR options shall cheat, defraud OR deceive, OR attempt TO cheat defraud OR deceive ANY other person.At a print screen snapshot of the Currenex software displayed 3 liquidity providers and 17 million in offers within 1 to 5 pips of my desired exit."There are two parts Just scroll down.He went so far as claim that Gain was refunding losses to the clients of the then bankrupt rfco to protect the entire FX industry from a black eye and that Propfx was a spinoff, under the management loss of ex rfco executives and that Gains.I assert that I was not a party to that settlement agreement and that I am entitled to make my complaint public in an attempt to gain class action status and seek appropriate reparations and punitive damages administratively or in a court of law without.It displays self centered, deceitful, misleading and shameful behavior.At on one occasion that sticks out in my mind I was trading on Gains Trader platform on one computer and also on a second computer that utilized Currenex software that enabled me to see the depth of the market and the liquidity available.At due to the conflicting statements I began further research and discovered that the technical support representative inadvertently or perhaps due to cognitive dissidence told gain me the truth forex about a practice his supervisors and management WAS carefully trying TO hide.The presenter placed special emphasis that trades could be executed from 5pm gain every Sunday till 5pm every Friday regardless of public holidays.E presentation also made reference that a team of live traders were available should any technical problems arise with the trading platform and that the trade would be executed manually. In failed to supervise the company's employee's agents or contractors either intentionally or unintentionally, however the results are clear leaving forex only one question and that is to what extent should Gain be held liable.

At at all times up till this point agents and employees of Gain and or m claimed capital that I was dealing in the Interbank market and had access to Interbank liquidity.
The only analogy I can draw is that Gain's business model all came down to the bottom line profit and if it was more profitable pay a fine and continue it's deceptive practices at my expense then that is how the business should be operated.